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— About US

We offer Career Coaching & HR Consulting - providing all the resources necessary to discover your full potential!

We are HR and coaching professionals, providing creative solutions that offer opportunities to empower change, for both Businesses and Jobseekers alike.

We offer Career Coaching, Job Hunting tips & advice, CV Advice, Design & Creation, Career Mapping Assessments, Interview Skills Training and Life Coaching to all jobseekers’, whether you are unemployed, School Leavers, wanting to change jobs, making a career transition or going through a career change.

We also offer HR Consulting to HR Professionals and small / medium business owners (who do not have a HR representative) including Psychometric Assessments to assist with Recruitment & Selection, Staff retention and Staff development.

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Services we provide to our clients

We can help in the following broad areas:

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

One on one guidance through all the aspects that are vital to a healthy career (applicable to all career levels), including school leavers starting out on their journey

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Interview Skills Training

Interview Skills Training

Training based on the competency-based model with additional information to create the best interviewing experience for all involved. This is available for both jobseekers and hiring managers.

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CV Advice Design & Creation

CV advice, Design & Creation

Working with you to create the best Marketing tool to use. You will be so impressed you will want to hire yourself!

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Job Hunting Tips, Advice and Training

Job Hunting Tips, Advice and Training

Get the guidance you need to make a start, showing you how to navigate & be found on LinkedIn, as well as, job boards, and confidently apply for jobs, along with so much more!

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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

We are here to lighten your load covering all aspects of HR including special projects.

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Psychometric Assessments & Skills-based Testing

Psychometric Assessments and
Skill-based testing

Delve into a world of possibilities! Many different types of Psychometric Assessments and a large database of skills-based testing categories

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We aim to ‘WOW!’ See what our clients have to say

"As a small business owner, I appreciated the flexibility of options Global Connextions offers, which accommodates even the smallest of tasks. This team has also gone above and beyond to assist me in marketing my company. Making use of Global Connextions enables me to only make use of the services I really need, and only at times, I really need them. Thank you, team for your hard work, and especially for the occasional pep-talk and personal interest, you have taken in my business."
Recruitment Consultancy Owner
"My field is quite specialized and I also wanted to stay in the area where I lived and worked at the time. I engaged Global Connextions CV Advice, Design & Creation services and managed to create a strong CV indicating my desire to remain within my specialist field covering the same area. We then worked on aligning my marketing message with LinkedIn and in no time at all, I managed to find an excellent opportunity and could leave the toxic environment that was becoming too much to handle. My CV design specialist had a special skill at pulling the most important relatable information out of me and helped me to create an interesting, captivating ‘Winning’ CV. Lee-Anne’s ability and knowledge to help you guide your career path is unequaled.”
"Being an Indian Muslim female, I had been educated but had never worked since graduating. I approached Global Connextions to assist with Career Coaching as I felt it was time to get into the world of work. Their experienced, versatile coach aligned my coaching with my faith and community and accommodated my trips to Mecca as well as teaching me how to lean on my community to get work experience and ultimately secure a role within my field of study. Their coaching program built my confidence and taught me so much that it seemed quite simple to slide into the world of work and start acquiring experience. What an amazing investment in my future. "
I have worked with Global Connextions for many years. I have always been amazed by their versality of skill. They have assisted me with HR Consulting services, anything from friendly advice on a daily basis to special projects, mostly we have utilized their recruitment Services, Reference checking facility, and Psychometric Assessments. They are true business partners , always having the business success at heart. So much so, they have become friends. Personally, I am very grateful they are available to me on a daily basis, as they add tremendous value to my role as HR Shared services Manager, saving me time and enhancing my work output.
“Global Connextions has assisted my business with recruitment services and Interview Skills Training for Hiring Managers Training with great success. Their HR Specialist has an exceptional knowledge of our specific industry and Never failed to recruit the best in the industry for us and always willing to show good faith especially when a new recruit left within their probation period. Global Connextions replaced our candidate for free! Even though it was not their responsibility to do so. Excellent level of service. They truly only have your business best interests at heart! Their interview skills training Programme helped us be more EE compliant and actually assisted us to level up. Global Connextions just add value, that is the long and the short of it!.”
“Lee-Anne (Career Coach) has an excellent ability to guide you with self-discovery and showing you how to align your passions with your income.”

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It all starts with a single first step.

I know it can be daunting…but it is time to step out of your comfort zone and do something to get the results you want. You have landed on this page for a reason, so keep going! The first step is the hardest and as you move through the steps shown here, your knowledge will grow and subsequently your confidence and then it will be smooth sailing from there. We assist you every step of the way!

Ready to start?

Well done! If you are still reading then you are interested to learn more. You may not be clear on what you need at this stage but please do not worry. We will help you to define your needs and suggest a service you may need to make those steps towards clarity, confidence and getting the life and work you love.

All queries are replied to within 24hrs.

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This is your chance to really apply yourself, work with your Coach / Consultant, absorb their wealth of information and reap the rewards!
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You will be ready to walk confidently down the path chosen and have absolute clarity that you are going to be working your way towards the life and work that you will love!

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