Before cricket had even got underway, “The Dal” (Rygersdal) were on the back foot………sorry to all the Dal faithfuls, I thought this was “THE CLUB”, but my first impression was a very impressive Members bar / lounge and a very disorganized cricket club/ team.

Millies players must NOT complain about:-

  • Pitches
  • Management
  • Club Commitment from the Committee

The umpires after inspecting the “pitch” called a 10h00 start but realized at 9h50 that “The Dal” had no wickets available, so the Dal players sent a representative to Sportsman Warehouse to purchase a set of stumps so the game could get underway.

Guys, who want a free transfer to the Dal………………. ?????? Speak now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eventually, wickets arrived and the toss can happen, we had some time to speculate the decision whether to bat or bowl first. I had feelings that this would be the toss to loose and others had their own opinion. Toss won by the Dal and they elected to bat????

Bowlers – Trevor and Kyle started off very aggressively and Kyle in the 6th over of the day did damage to the furniture by bowling opening batsman, Turner, 23/1.

Wickets continued to fall, Dal 57/6 and this made the comments prior to the start of the match even rosier.

Pre-start comments being “… the new boys in the league…………………………………………..!!!!” – YES WE ARE!

Fatigue settled in with the Millies boys and we allowed their tailenders to break our stranglehold and achieve 110 runs before youngster Johnathan took the final catch off Powell’s delivery.

Great bowling and with a lot of hard work, we WILL become a feared team in the Reserve ‘A’. Millies old stalwart, Adrian Van Vuuren, recommended that the track be rolled between innings’, showing not only experience but a great knowledge of the rules – well done “Fires”.


LAW 10 Rolling (a) “During the match the pitch may be rolled at the request of the captain of the batting side, for a period of not more than 7 minutes, before the start of each innings…”

Well, nelson (111) to win, “Fires” and “Dirk” (Craig Nyland), as a replacement for the late withdrawal of Brett with strained muscles in the neck, set about achieving this target.

After achieving a partnership of 70, “Dirk” was caught on 17 and left a very fatigued “Fires” at the other end on 42 not! Although pumping liquids down “Fires” at the fall of wickets helped, he himself admitted that the 6 overs that he bowled on the trot was starting to take its toll.

Unfortunately, “Fires” miscued a shot to huge relief for the Dal players, they celebrated this wicket as though they had won the game!

“Fires” 47 off 41 balls, well done Sir! Millies 78/3 still 33 short of an inaugural victory.

The middle-order saw off the challenge of the Dal comfortably with Wesley (alias Philander) scoring 16, youngster Johnnie looking so confident (6*), and the never-do-die Powelly superbly dispatching the ball through the cover for the final boundary. Victory by 5 wickets!


Bring on the beers, again thanks to the support of the few parents and the loyal first team guys, Christo, J, and Bass.

Well done Millies, continue this great cricket, a comrade on the field, and playing the game within the spirit of the game and you guys will be winners.

If one had to pick a man of the match, “Fires” would agree that the bowlers took a huge load off the batsman’s pressure in having only to chase 110 and I would credit all the bowlers with the “man of the match” award.

What was really encouraging from a coaches aspect was the dismissals, 3 bowled and 2 LBW’s very indicative of “in the channel” bowling.

Results from the other boundary ropes…..6th team and ladies, not received?

3 ‘A’ Div MCC 4th team vs South Peninsula CC played at MCC ‘A’ – MCC won by 5 wickets.

Firstly, apologies to both teams for the diabolical pitch “prepared” by the council, a blind person could have prepared a better pitch. We had an urgent meeting with our grounds assistant, Charles, and he has now committed himself to 4 days a week so this should not happen in the future.

Back to the game, South Peninsula batting first and being bowled out for 68, congrats to Adrian with figures of 8 overs 4/10. I believe that there were two brilliant run-outs as well, guys we said at the beginning of the season that fielding wins matches. Keep the fielding stations working at the practice and you will see results! MCC surpassed the score with 5 wickets in hand, well-done boys that’s 1 out of two with 8 to go before the Xmas recess.


Until next week…

From the Boundary Rope was compiled by Coach Craig