Who We Are

IAN is an umbrella body for independent advertising agencies to provide a collective voice for independent agencies within the advertising industry. In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of media and advertising, collaboration and strategic partnerships have become more critical for Independent Advertising agencies to remain relevant, stay ahead of the innovative curve and succeed in these uncertain times… Read More

Why Join IAN? IndependentAgencyNetwork

Access to Resources:


As an umbrella body for independent advertising agencies, IAN can provide access to resources that may be difficult for individual agencies to obtain on their own or at beneficial rates, such as training and development programs, networking opportunities, industry research and data, and other support services, in accordance with our wide range of exciting services.

By joining an umbrella body, independent agencies can benefit from these resources and enhance their capabilities, which can ultimately help them to compete more effectively in the industry and add more value to clients on an ongoing basis.

Collective Voice:


Joining an umbrella body can provide independent agencies with a collective voice within the industry. By coming together as a group, independent agencies can advocate for their interests and promote the value of their services to clients and other stakeholders.

The concept of collaboration and partnerships is gaining traction in highly turbulent times, where sharing resources and inter-agency collaboration and umbrella bodies can lead to significant cost savings, improved productivity and ultimately increased efficiency.

Collaboration Opportunities:


The umbrella body can also provide opportunities for independent agencies to collaborate on projects and initiatives.

By pooling their resources and expertise, independent agencies can take on larger and more complex projects, which can help them to expand their capabilities and grow their business.

Industry Recognition:


Being a member of an umbrella body can provide independent agencies with greater industry recognition and credibility.

Clients and other stakeholders may view membership as a sign of a commitment to quality and professionalism, which can help to attract new business and build long-term relationships.



An umbrella body can provide opportunities for independent agencies to network with other industry professionals and potential clients.

By attending events and participating in industry forums, independent agencies can raise their profile and build relationships that can lead to new business opportunities.