Core Business Central Package

Add Manufacturing package


The package includes:

This package includes features for creating manufactured items as either MTS (Made to Stock) and MTO (Made to Order).

  • Create shop calendars
  • Create production BOMS (Bill of Materials)
  • Work in preferred Units of Measure (Tons, Meters Squared, Kiloliters etc)
  • Create work centres and routine
  • Capacity planning including Machine Centres and sub-contracting
  • Materials planning
  • Subcontract manufacturing tasks
  • Cost Roll-up visibility
  • Plan, record, and report on scrap and stoppages

Add Service Management package


The Core package includes:

his package includes features for service-orientated companies to plan, manage, and carry out services and repairs effectively.

  • Create service items
  • Fault reporting and troubleshooting guidelines
  • Resource allocation and tracking of time to complete a repair
  • Repair status options to monitor repairs
  • Service processes
  • Setup service offerings
  • Run service contracts
  • Track both work hours and billable hours

Add Project Management Package


The Core package includes:

This package includes features for tracking projects and project costs as WIP (work in progress). It tracks budget vs actual cost AND Expected billable vs actual invoiced. It includes:

  • Setup of Project Management/Jobs module
  • Setup of Resources
  • Define your work types and pricing
  • Costings for Resources
  • Resource capacity and planning
  • Setup Project template
  • Enter and capture timesheets to a project
  • Ability to approve planning lines before billing
  • Scheduling of Milestone payments