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Xpert Glass Solutions, offers all Energy Efficient Products. A few years ago, it was established that most of the energy loss in a building occurs through the glass of buildings. The South African Government, having realized the loss of energy through glass in buildings then put regulations in place for all new buildings to restrict the loss of energy through the fenestration. Luckily, There are numerous ways to comply with these regulations, from having fewer and smaller windows and doors to using glass which has a Low E application which allows heat into the room to warm it up but restricts it from leaving through the glass, or double glazing (which is well established in colder European countries) which manages the ambient temperature in a room i.e. will keep a room chilled after being air conditioned or warm after being heated. This has a drastic effect in your energy consumption costs. In extreme cases a building might require double glazing with a low E application. The building’s requirement will be in the energy efficiency report which must be compiled by a competent person and issued by the architect together with the building plans for council submission. The energy efficiency report must be adhered to as a minimum or you might not be granted your occupation certificate by the building inspector at the end of the project. With a wealth of experience at Xpert Glass Solutions in energy efficiency. We can find the right energy efficient solution that suits the requirement and budget of any project.

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At Xpert Glass Solutions we offer casement 30, 38, and 340 series windows. Top hung and side hung windows, and sliding windows.



Xpert Glass Solutions, offers Energy Efficiency. A few years ago, it was established that most of the energy loss in a building occurs through the glass of buildings.


We manufacture and install all frameless glass requirements including office partitioning, showers, balustrading and sliding doors. Glass is that extra added material, that can make any building, shower, windows, sliding doors etc.



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Below, you can see examples of the shopfronts we can do for you! Over the years we have completed many commercial projects and are able to tackle any unique requirements from large facades to auto dealerships.


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