Commercial properties include hotels, lodges and villas globally.

Capitalised terms are as defined in the Booking Form to which these terms and conditions are annexed. Where terms or conditions, defined in the Booking Form, conflict with clauses in this  Annexure A1, the terms or conditions from the Booking Form shall apply.


  • This is a commercial property booking where Perfect Hideaways is acting as the agent.
  • A 50% rental deposit is required along with the fully completed booking form to confirm your booking.
  • The 50% balance of fees (along with damage deposit if applicable) is required between 35 – 60 days prior to occupation, depending on which accommodation you book. Please check the booking form – this will show you how many days prior to occupation the 50% balance of fees (along with damage deposit if applicable) is due.
  • All payments are to be made in SA Rands as specified on the booking form.
  • If taking a property in its entirety the residence may not be occupied by anyone other than the Client and the Client’s guests (including children) whose names appear on the Rental Agreement.
  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to confirmation of the booking, the property may not be used for any purpose other than private rental accommodation.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation terms mirror those of the commercial property and are detailed on the booking form.


  • The Client is liable for any damage to the establishment, equipment or to the surrounding fauna and flora incurred by the Client, and/or the Client’s guests.
  • Neither the owners of the establishment nor Perfect Hideaways accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to persons or property of the Client or the Client’s guests and the premises are used entirely at the occupants’ own risk.

Breakages And Damage

  • Clients will be charged for damages caused by tampering with the establishment’s systems.
  • Breakages and damage, including stains and scratches (beyond normal wear and  tear) will be deducted from the damage deposit (if applicable) and, should the damage deposit (if applicable) not be sufficient to cover the damage, the Client will be  invoiced for the outstanding amount.
  • Damage deposits (if applicable) will be refunded within five (5) working days of departure.
  • Damage deposits charged from a debit or credit card will be refunded to the same debit or credit card within five (5) working days of departure. Please note that it often takes several days for monies refunded to a credit card to reflect.
  • Bank charges relating to refunding of damage deposit to foreign bank accounts will be for the Client’s account. It is recommended that foreign Clients rather provide a credit or debit card which can be debited and refunded without either party incurring  bank charges in the case where a full refund is made.
  • The agreement to which these terms and conditions are attached is of no force and effect unless confirmed by Perfect Hideaways in writing.


These T&Cs are valid for the duration of your booking.

Notes: For Establishments Within South Africa

Loadshedding Disclaimer

Please note that South Africa’s electricity supplier, Eskom, has implemented loadshedding (scheduled power outages) for the foreseeable future. The vast majority of our commercial establishments are either fully off-grid or have partial or full back-up systems in place during periods of loadshedding.

Currently loadshedding is part of the South African experience: it is beyond our control and Perfect Hideaways cannot be held accountable for any gap between our client’s expectations of a hideaway’s loadshedding provision, and the actual provision. Our friendly and knowledgeable hideaway consultants will be happy to confirm the power provision at each hideaway. It is important that you consider what you will need during a spell of loadshedding and chat to your hideaway consultant to ensure your hideaway has sufficient provision for your needs.