How does it work?

Call or email us at info@Wosh.co.za

We will pick up and deliver at designated address.

Please separate dry cleaning from washing, to ensure items will go through the correct procedures.

We wash light and dark garments separately at 30 degrees and tumble dry on medium heat.  Bed linen and towels will be washed at a higher temperature.

We send back washing or linen folded in a fresh bag or on hangers if requested.  Please return hangers and any other packaging with your next load as it can be recycled.

Wash dry and fold loads can be itemized once back at the laundry but this will include a small surcharge.

Getting started with Wosh

Everything you need to know about your first Wøsh Order

How it works

You will need to go to our website, then go through the following steps:

  • You will be asked for your full address and collection time request.
  • If you have any specific instructions for collection/delivery or cleaning, then you can add them in to the Special Care Instructions.
  • Once confirmed, you will be taken to the payment page, whereby you will need to input your card details;
  • You will then just need to sit back and relax until we collect and deliver.

What items/garments can be sent for a Wash, Tumble Dry and Fold?

We recommend separating sheets and towels from smaller garments as the washing processes differ as linen is washed at higher temperatures.  If bunched together it will diminish the overall quality of cleaning.

All you need to do is ensure your wash and fold items are separated from dry cleaning.

Our loyalty cards

We love rewarding our customers! Loyalty cards are available and cash back will be loaded onto your cards.

Our Quality Guarantee

All your garments are protected under our 24h Quality Guarantee policy, which means if you’re unhappy with how your items have been cleaned, simply let us know within 24 hours and we can organise a free re-clean.  We pride ourselves on high-quality cleaning, but unfortunately some stains are generally tougher to remove than others! Over application of chemicals can result in damage to the fabric. If we are unable to remove stubborn stains a sticker will be attached to the stain which means any more work on the stain could induce damage.

Are there different prices for children's clothes?

Children’s clothes are weighed as per normal laundry processes.

Ironing services only

We do offer an iron-only service. Garments can be returned folded or on hangers. Please see our individual pricing for this service.

Alterations and Repairs

We offer a repair and alteration service. Simply add to special instructions list.

Wøsh will not clean items which appear already damaged without your permission, as this can accentuate the damage.

Do you offer services to Airbnb or Guest Houses?

Yes, you can have your own bedding collected, cleaned and delivered at a time convenient to you, by placing an order online.

For more information please e-mail info@Wøsh.co.za

How can I check your pricing?

You can check our prices by going to our website www.Wøsh.co.za.

Is my laundry and dry cleaning outsourced?

We are one of the very few laundries who do not outsource any of our laundry or dry cleaning.

I'm unsure how my items should be cleaned

Don’t worry, we’re experts!

If you’re unsure, just make a note on the Special Care Instructions.  We will examine the item and process it accordingly.

How to contact Wosh

You can email us at info@Wøsh.co.za – note: it might be worth checking your junk mail for our reply. We are online from 7 am to 7 pm.

For all other contact queries, see our Contact Us Page

Home furnishings - Sofa & Couch Covers, Rugs & Curtains

Sofa & Cushion Covers

Yes we can, but they need to be examined first to ensure dry cleaning is possible.


We are able to clean rugs. Depending upon the type of rug, they may require specialist cleaning. It is always advised to double check if there is a care label to see what it says. But feel free to send it to us and we will advise


We are able to clean curtains without the rubberised backing. We can remove the rubberized backing at a cost.  Curtains will need to be examined to determine the best wash process.  Please enquire at info@wosh.co.za

Curtains will be weighed and charged accordingly – depending on process required.

Do you clean duvets?

Yes we do clean Duvets

Most types of Duvets are suitable for cleaning and we can clean them all.

Please check to see if you Duvet has a care label attached as it will be processed accordingly.

No care label… We can usually still clean these, however, we will need to see once it arrives at the laundry.

Gymwear/Elastene clothing

Gymwear  can be soaked in a special solution to diminish odours.  This will be at an extra charge.  Please specify under special care instructions.

You might also recognise elastane by other names such as Lycra, Spandex  to name a few.  These garments are prone to damage which results in a fuzzy lint like appearance.  This type of damage is caused by breakages or elastane fibres losing elasticity and allows these white fibres to slip through the surface of the fabric.  Unfortunately this type of damage is the fault of the manufacturer and cannot be rectified.  This occurs during the creation of the garment – the manufacturer would be able to select dyes and stretch yarns with a stronger resistance to wear and tear.

Here at Wøsh, we will always follow the care label instructions on your garments. Therefore, elastane damage is not something that we can prevent, and it cannot be rectified.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our customer care team at info@Wøsh.co.za

I am missing an item !

If there are any missing items from your Wash, Tumble Dry and Fold, we are limited in our search due to the fact that the items are not itemised.  If you have an itemized service see our Ts and Cs.  We wash the items by colour (whites and darks).

Personal items left in laundry ?

If you believe that you have left something on or in your clothing, please let us know as soon as possible, by email or phone with a description of the item! We will double check and get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note, we cannot take responsibility for any personal items that are given; however, we will do our very best to reunite items to their rightful owners.

Handwashing and hang drying

We are able to accommodate requests for handwashing items, as this can take additional time in processing and drying, this must be specified in the Special Care Instructions.

Do you clean wedding dresses and other bespoke items?

We currently offer a service for these types of bespoke items.  These garments need to be examined first for pricing.